I Know What Moms Like, I Know What Moms Want

If only I had a genie like Shimmer and Shine (3 wishes EVERY day!), these are things I’d ask for:

  1. Fancy Pants- look like jeans, compress like Spanx and fit like pajama pants. Because you can’t wear yoga pants all the time
  2. Never ending coffee cup- always full, always the right temperature. Cream & sugar, please.
  3. Bottomless margaritas that won’t get you drunk- when you’ve got kids (aka nature’s alarm clocks) tomorrow’s hangover is just not worth today’s fun
  4. A night nurse- enough said
  5. An ugly sister wife- you cook? you clean? you’re hired. But don’t touch my man. I may not wanna get frisky, but that doesn’t mean you can.
  6. A WWE referee for the kids’ fights- let’s keep it a clean fight, no biting, that means you tiny Tyson…
  7. Carrots and celery that taste like cake- yum, cruciferous
  8. To bottle up those gummy baby smiles, chubby toddler arm hugs and nonsense preschool stories
  9. A nap- see #4

What do you think? Anything I missed?


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